Yoga for knee health

Climbing and other outdoor activities keep us healthy in many ways.  One exception is the wear and tear our activities inflict on our knees! Crag approaches are often arduous: steep; on rough ground; and usually carrying a heavy sack of gear.  Climbing moves such as rock-overs and drop-knees also put unusual strains on the knees […]

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Opening the hip flexors

Desk work, driving and (unfortunately) climbing can all cause the hip flexors (muscles at the front of the hip) to become shortened and tight. Tight hip flexors can affect the alignment of pelvis and femur, ultimately leading to back and knee pain. Poses which release and lengthen the hip flexors not only reduce back and […]

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I am a climber, a yoga teacher and an exercise referral instructor. I’m lucky enough to have climbed all over the world and to have travelled in many wild places in our van. Yoga started to change my life about 10 years ago. I’d just finished a period of intense computer work for the final […]

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