Yoga for older climbers

Injuries such as this hamstring injury I sustained in the Frankenjura become more frequent as we get older – but don’t need to stop us climbing!

What do I mean by ‘older climbers’?

I mean climbers of any age who feel that their bodies don’t respond to the stresses of climbing as well as they once did. Maybe you feel less flexible or more prone to injury; maybe you’re finding that you need more frequent rest days and more careful warm-ups.

And you may well move in and out of this category as circumstances allow your lifestyle to change.

In mid-life your climbing time may have to be snatched from the demands of work and family, making unfitness and injury more likely.

But following retirement you may have climbing and training time available to rediscover much of your former fitness, flexibility, strength and resilience.

My dad celebrates his 80th birthday in style at Kendal wall

In upcoming posts, I’ll suggest ways to adapt your yoga practice to accommodate some of the injuries and conditions which are more common amongst older climbers. I’ll also recommend poses and sequences which can reduce your risk of injury.

There are two posts in the series so far, with more to follow:

Props such as yoga gloves help make challenging poses accessible even with conditions such as osteoarthritis of the hand

If there are any other you conditions you’d like me to include, feel free to leave a comment below or message me. If the condition is one covered by my specialist training, I’ll try to post about it!

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